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Video: Why Some Nigerian Girls Prefer Foreign Men?

Why some Nigerian girls favor international men? Why some Nigerian ladies prefer Foreigners Are Nigerian males happier married to international ladies than they are married to their fellow Nigerian ladies? In other words, do they like foreign wives?

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Video: Why Do Nigeria men Like big woman?

it’s regularly assumed that African men like their girls ‘huge’ – no longer like these skinny Western fashions on journal covers – so BattaBox heads out onto the streets of Lagos to ask males if – and why! – their African women “big”…! “African women are so endowed – both the front and the back!” explains Odunayo, our BattaBox presenter. “So …

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Uncut Pokello Nare Sex Tape Video

Fans blast on Pekello Nare over sex tape. A sex tape refers to a video saving of any sexual encounter. The handful of that comprehended about grownup materials experienced most likely only listened to of them from international media; in each South Africa or internationally, Just prior to Stunner and Pokello’s sex tape. The phrase is probably as common as …

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