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HOT! Sexy Chrissy Teigen Goes Topless On Valentine Photoshoot

Chrissy Teigen valentine thumb

The famous model Chrissy Teigen recently gave birth to her first child, the daughter of Luna, decided to make the best gift to her husband and famous musician John Legend: earned him the sexiest shooting and did … serenade with a own song. The photo was made by Rankin for Love magazine and the current tribute to Saint Valentine and …

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Have Sex Before Dinner – Valentine’s Day Tips

According GQ, Dan Savage needs a dim view of Valentine’s Day. He together with his partner Terry obviously don’t provide a shit regarding the holiday. The sole genuine chocolate Dan provides Terry is simply as he identifies ‘joke’s half a Snickers pub he discovered in his pocket. But make no oversight, the sex suggestions columnist-cum-activist continue to thinks about him …

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5 Facts Why Ghanaian Girls Love Valentines Day

A lot of Ghanaian males will simply groan on the reference to Valentine’s Day and might by no means find out why females make so much fuss off of the day. The simple fact that they need to get most of the presents, pay for the dinners and become on their own best behaviors could make it even worse to …

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Actress Tayo Sobola Reveals Her Valentine Day Plans

Nollywood beautiful and sexiest actress Tayo Sobola who lately opened her creation outfit, Sotee Enjoyment has announced she’s embarking on a new project. She has because disclosed precisely what the job will be about… “These kids aren’t able to even see, but we deserted them, actually it is incorrect, because of the fact becoming a tradition, we should always together …

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Sex in Nigeria on Valentine’s day

naija couple sex

What is the age when men and girls can lawfully have sex in Nigeria? This is a circuitous method for soliciting what is the age from assent? A basic inquiry; however an additional conventionally convoluted one. The new Child rights Legislations stipulate that having sexual relations (sex) of a tyke beneath the age of 18 is a wrongdoing in twenty …

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Men Would Prefer to Have Sex on Valentine’s Day

Flowers, jewelry, chocolate, teddy bears — the conventional Valentine’s Day gifts have a decidedly feminine slant to them, but a new survey shows that men think they’re the ones really cleaning up when it comes to Valentine’s Day: Guys think their significant others will spend $230 on them, while women expect that their main squeezes will spend, on average, $196 …

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