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Tiwa Savage : Can’t Imagine Entertainment Without Sexuality

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa said that although entertainers can’t be banned from using sexual scenes in their stage-craft, she agreed that a competent body or authority can be set up to manage it. There is no way a movie and entertainment will not have sexual scenes. You can’t stop an artiste from being sexual in entertainment. “The only thing we can do as …

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The Queens Of African Sex In Nairobi

Karen Lucas and Nini Wacera

Talking about sex in Kenya seems to be complicated. Although the social relations between men and women imply an evident sexual content in the day-to-day, to speak of it is taboo. Sex is everywhere: from prostitution and sexual assault to women, to uninformed curiosity among young people to do “what is fashionable”. In such a context, and Nairobi being one …

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BBNaija Under Critics Over Nudity And Sexuality X-rated Dstv Show

Big Brother Naija

Nigerian 18+ x-rated DSTV Show Big Brother Naija (#BBNaija) under criticism about nudity and sexual activities on TV screen. According Seyi Law the Nigerian comedian, In my view the principal goal of Big Brother Nigeria could be to foster unity one of the various tribes within the country also as market our tradition. BB Naija controversial TV show about nudity …

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Nudity And Sex Eclipse The Big Brother Naija


Sexuality and nudity is nothing new in Big Brother reality show. Big Brother Naija also not backward. Big Brother Naija show pass four weeks already and during Nigerians still enjoying the sexual activities that happen in the house, they’r also not hesitated to vote out the housemates involved. These elimination prove that several other issues influence a housemate’s popularity and …

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Girls TV Series Comes With More Realistic Graphic Sex Scenes And Nudity

girls season beach sex scene

The girls of Lena Dunham return to the small screen with their sixth and last season . HBO’s fiction tagged “irreverent” throughout its six years of TV trajectory lives up to its style and gives its followers ten new episodes laden with emotional conflicts, yearnings and twists . To its characters without filters, including in its dialogues the same controversial …

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10 Bizarre Records Related To Sex

In this post, we’ll show you some bizarre records related to sex. Check it: 1. The oldest prostitute in the world She is 82, lives in Taipei and allegedly began to prostitute at age 40 when her husband died. 2. Sex more partners in 24 hours American pornographic actress Lisa Sparks was with 919 men in one day. 3. Oldest …

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Common Fears About Sex Between Men And Women

As the old saying goes, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’, but may not be as different as we like to think. A survey has revealed the 10 most common fears as men and women about sex and highlighted striking similarities. Whether it is a matter of one night or the first time sleeping with a new partner, …

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Emma Watson Talks About Sex What Women Should Know

emma watson naked nude sex

The famous Emma Watson discuss a topic which has been reviewed increasingly in your periods, total fulfillment clitoral . Watson is famous for his position manufactured ? Recently has gained more recognition due to their struggle for gender equality, even though in the film series Harry Potter . for her male organ man life has been overvalued, when both the …

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Black Women’s Sexuality : What We Get Wrong

How do you determine what an emancipated sexuality seems to become when society at large assumes you are hyper-sexual? “You might have these DSL mouth – dick-sucking Lips.” That is what he referred to as them. one day, a vibrant white kid seemed to Lexy, now 24, inside the cafeteria and introduced how superb her entire mouth region must be …

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