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Nigerian Slay Queen In Mood : Lack Of Sex Will Make You Mad

Just after American rap Queen, Cardi B revealed that she experience of lake of having sex, a Nigerian Slay Queen has taken it upon herself to teach us another negative effect of not having sex. Nigerian Slay Queen shows off busty photo with lake of sex effect Facebook user, Ijoba Browny Olamide who shared new photos of herself wrote; “Lack …

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Overweight Women Enjoy More When It Comes To Sex


If you were once self-conscious about those extra kilos, you may find the positive side from today. Plump women are sexually more slender than thin women. At least this was determined by a study by the School of Human and Animal Etiology of the University of Leeds, in the United Kingdom. Among 3 thousand couples surveyed it was found that …

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3 Things That Every Woman Should Try In Bed


Are you tired of the routine? Then dare to try new things to experiment with your sexuality and you can feel yourself reaching the top of orgasms. Do not let go of the opportunities and decide to enjoy with these three things that every woman should try in bed: 1. Become another person We do not say it at all …

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Sex On Halloween: The Most Erotic Ideas


Halloween is also a date to spend at home but not necessarily boring, if you can create a super sexy and terrifying environment for you and your partner, do you like the idea? Perfect, here I will give you the best tips to give that hot touch to the night of witches. Prepare a special dinner where you put candles …

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Why Morning Sex Is The Best


Each couple has their preferred schedule. The sex at night are the most common. However, starting the day having sex could provide the necessary energies for a good awakening. “The spontaneous delivery of the UN-programmed morning encounter helps the bodies to be less inhibited, which leads to higher levels of arousal,” explained Walter Ghedin, a psychiatrist and sexologist … Morning …

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How To Know If A Man Is Bad In Oral Sex?


Maybe that special guy is not so good in bed. Men often express confusion, insecurity and discomfort when they are not good in oral sex and several of their behaviors betray it, so pay close attention to these signs that indicate that that special guy might not be as good in bed as you imagined . Asks too many questions …

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Seyi Hunter Is Sex Goddess Of Our Time

Seyi Hunter sex vlog

Nigerian actress, Seyi Hunter recently lunched her sex vlog “Sinful Friday with Seyi Hunter Uncensored” has been heavily criticized. Seyi Hunter crowned herself a sex goddess “My sex vlog is quite educative; I instruct men and women the way to have excellent sex and oral sex, the way to enjoy it although at it and crave for further. Most married …

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9 Tricks To Reach An Orgasm Faster – Try Tonight

Reach An Orgasm Faster

Delay in having an orgasm is not bad, but there are times when we want to put the accelerator. Women can take 20 minutes to reach it, however it is a little faster in the case of men, according to Amy Levine, sex trainer and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure, quoted by Bustle. If for some reason you want to …

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When Is The Best Time To Have Sex?

Black fetish Sexy Couple

Instead of going to bed, it’s best to stay in bed. A brand of food supplements in England conducted a study that monitored the biological clock of 1,000 people who live healthy and active lifestyles to find the best time of day to have sex . The discovery: soon after waking up. Morning is the best time to having sex …

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