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When Is The Best Time To Have Sex?

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Instead of going to bed, it’s best to stay in bed. A brand of food supplements in England conducted a study that monitored the biological clock of 1,000 people who live healthy and active lifestyles to find the best time of day to have sex . The discovery: soon after waking up. Morning is the best time to having sex …

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Seyi Hunter : Having Sex Without Experiencing Orgasm Is A Waste Of Time

Seyi Hunter sex vlog

Miss Bikini Worldwide, producer and actress, Seyi Hunter, has in limelight opening a sex vlog. Despite staying at the brink of getting to us, yet again, the at any time-scintillating Overlook Bikini pageant, which can be charged for July thirty, the enticing celebrity is hovering a sex Vlog. According to the beautiful and daring celeb, the Nigerian contemporary culture, and …

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Sex In The Kitchen: The Tricks To Get More Satisfaction

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If you have not broken a dish in your life, it’s time to tear apart the dishes , the pots, the frying pans and the entire battery … Your kitchen is going to cheer a lot and not just for a new recipe . The room of the stove is a temple for taste and smell, why not experience now …

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What You Feel – Is It Lust Or Love?

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A socialize application that allows users to communicate with other people based on their preferences for chatting and making appointments – works in your favor, a new guy will come into your life, along with a series of feelings and desires. But after a while (and a lot of sex), could you know if what you feel is lust or …

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The Best Positions To Have Sex Outside Your Bed

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They will be more comfortable without having to go to the bedroom, and sex will be a new experience. Having sex out of your bed is a challenge and you need to have options for the best positions for you and your partner are very comfortable, as if they were in the room. With out of bed we refer to …

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5 Changes That Your Body Suffers Without Sex

lake of sex

These are the 5 changes that your body suffers without having sex for a long time. When we take time without having sex, our body begins to undergo some changes that often go unnoticed. Some people notice these changes, but they never imagined it was because of the lack of sex. Do you want to know how a woman’s body …

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Breathing During Sex Will Give You More Pleasure

Diaphragmatic breathing has many benefits: breathe well during sex will give you more pleasure . Every day we breathe as 200,000 times, but some of those breaths, may have a more pleasurable effect in your intimate relationships. The diaphragmatic breathing helps athletic performance, you get rid of an anxiety attack and may even alleviate back pain. Not to mention how …

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10 Reasons To Have Sex Every Day

Check out 10 reasons to have sex daily and use every day a different one to take the cat to bed! 1. Sex is the cure for headache That excuse of “Love, today does not … I have a headache” does not stick anymore. In fact, can help relieve headaches. The scientists followed closely patients who suffered from migraine or …

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13 Tips To Enjoy Better Sex

13 These are some of the best tips for improving sex who shared users of the social network Reddit . What is clear that going slowly, preliminary and kisses in the most sensitive areas of the body takes the cake. Internet agrees that this is the most advisable to enjoy more in the bedroom: 1. Blindfolds “Especially if your partner …

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3 Reasons You Should Not Stop Having Sex

Did you know that there are risks in sexual abstinence and they generate certain changes in your health that you should take into account? Still, if you did not know, here we say 3 of the consequences that brings no sex: In your heart Lack of sex generates heart problems. This is because sexual activity is considered as an excellent …

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