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Sex On Halloween: The Most Erotic Ideas


Halloween is also a date to spend at home but not necessarily boring, if you can create a super sexy and terrifying environment for you and your partner, do you like the idea? Perfect, here I will give you the best tips to give that hot touch to the night of witches. Prepare a special dinner where you put candles …

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Actress Damilola Adegbite : Hotel Sex Better Than Crib Sex

Sexy Damilola Adegbite shows off cleavage in strapless bra

Nigerian most sultry actress and model, Damilola Adegbite who revealed her sexual fantasy on social media. Damilola Adegbite re-post a photo of “Hotel Sex Better Than Crib Sex” The 32-year-old sexiest actress, who posted a photo on Instagram about sexual fantasy “Hotel Sex Better Than Crib Sex”. See also: Damilola Adegbite : I’m Sexy And I Know It This Olosho …

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8 Things Women Do Who Are Good In Bed

woman good in bed sex positions

It writes a lot about what they should do in bed to please the woman. It is normal for sex articles to be focused on the male sector: most have no idea how to treat a female under the sheets (or out of bed, but that’s another topic). From this section we want to be equal, so today we will …

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Maheeda Loves Rough Sex But Not As Like Violence

sexy maheeda

A former gospel singer, Maheeda recently back in Nigeria after a long time. The nude queen who ever said in an interview that she is sex addicted but she don’t like dry sex. Maheeda likes hard sex but no allow men to handle her in bed as violence The social active Naija bad girl, shared a photo with her massage …

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The 6 Best Places To Have Quickie Sex

Nigerian naughty black fitness couple

Lack of time can be a very important factor for the relationships of couples; It is up to them to engage in their relationship and pay attention to their sex life. That is why it is important to set aside a small space of your day to have quickie sex that can be just as pleasurable as a long preliminary …

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Ghanaian Gospel Singer Celestine Donkor Prefer Shower Sex

Celestine Donkor

Everyone have their own sexual fetish. For the Celestine Donkor, she prefer sex in the shower. The gospel singer will at anytime opt for have sex in shower more than getting intimate in the car. Ghanaian Gospel Singer Celestine Donkor favorite sex place in the shower In an interview on Joy FM, the Ghanaian singer said: I’m not amazed at …

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The Word “Fuck” In The Title

Selena Gomez Hands to Myself

Apparently because he had the word ‘fuck’ in the title. Paradoxical because the article spoke precisely of how in this society everything is sold with sex. They make us believe that sex is indispensable for a healthy life and that we will not be able to access it unless we are thin, stylish, glamorous. So we spent a dough trying …

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Rita Dominic : There Exists A Hush-hush Attitude To Sex In Nigeria

Rita Dominic hot

Rita Dominic can make some things in the talk to as she handles Schick Magazine‘s first look problem reminding us yet again why we are go high heels obsessed about her. The 41-year-old celebrity when addressing questions in gender and sexuality in Africa said that even though the work is personalized, she’s not keen on the hypocritical veil that men …

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Sex In The Kitchen: The Tricks To Get More Satisfaction

black couple sex in kitchen

If you have not broken a dish in your life, it’s time to tear apart the dishes , the pots, the frying pans and the entire battery … Your kitchen is going to cheer a lot and not just for a new recipe . The room of the stove is a temple for taste and smell, why not experience now …

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See The Sex Fetishes Of The Famous Female Celebrities

Angelina Jolie

Even though they are public figures, the famous ones are “people like us” in every way. As such, they also have their desires and fantasy when it comes to sex. With that, the Dimitapapers.com decided to reveal the wishes of some famous, when they are between four walls. Angelina Jolie The actress, who recently separated from Brad Pitt and is …

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