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8 Things Women Do Who Are Good In Bed

woman good in bed sex positions

It writes a lot about what they should do in bed to please the woman. It is normal for sex articles to be focused on the male sector: most have no idea how to treat a female under the sheets (or out of bed, but that’s another topic). From this section we want to be equal, so today we will …

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6 Things Women Love About Sex

black hot naughty girl lying on bed

Many men ignore what women like about having sex , but you wonder what would happen if they could read your mind for a moment. Surely one of these practices is on your list of preferences. #1. The preliminaries Having an orgasm is something complicated. Something that requires concentration, knowledge, time and desire. And yes, we are heavy on the …

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Maheeda Loves Rough Sex But Not As Like Violence

sexy maheeda

A former gospel singer, Maheeda recently back in Nigeria after a long time. The nude queen who ever said in an interview that she is sex addicted but she don’t like dry sex. Maheeda likes hard sex but no allow men to handle her in bed as violence The social active Naija bad girl, shared a photo with her massage …

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The 6 Best Places To Have Quickie Sex

Nigerian naughty black fitness couple

Lack of time can be a very important factor for the relationships of couples; It is up to them to engage in their relationship and pay attention to their sex life. That is why it is important to set aside a small space of your day to have quickie sex that can be just as pleasurable as a long preliminary …

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MMA Fighter Mia Kang Schedule More Sex Before Boxing Match

Mia Kang sex appeal

Sports Illustrated swimwear nude model and boxer Mia Kang will go to Thailand for three weeks of training. According to the New York Post, the beautiful boxer told reporters: “I’m really happy to participate in my second professional game. Mia Kang prefer more sex before go on ring “I’m proud to be a wandering samurai. No one is traveling with …

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Meet 6 Nigerian Actresses Who Are Sex Addicts

Empress Anu Sosanya sexy

According Rita Dominic, Hush-hush Attitude To Sex In Nigeria. Most of Nigerians feel shy to openly talk about sex. But these famous stars are quite opposite. Probably they talk freely about it only to draw attention to themselves. These Nigerian celebrities love sex and don’t hesitate to talk about it. # Didi Ekanem The Nollywood actress loves sex as like …

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Know The Benefits Of Sex At Noon

Sexy black couple sex at noon

A recent study revealed that because of day-to-day responsibilities, many couples end up too exhausted and just seek rest. So the sex at noon help refresh your relationship partner. Before the question, what is the best time of day to have sex ? Many people believe that the night for sex ; However, a study published by the US National …

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Miss Pepeye : Can’t Date The Man, Who Not Good In Sex

Miss Pepeye Bolatito Sowunmi

Nigerian actress Bolatito Sowunmi also known as “Miss Pepeye” within the Papa Ajasco series, has stated she can’t deal with a person who’s not great with sex. She produced this recognized within an interview with broadTV exactly where she spoke about her profession, intercourse life and business. Nollywood actress Bolatito Sowunmi Can’t marry the man, who not good in bed …

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Amber Rose : Have No Time For Penis

amber rose sensual snap

Amber rose reveals that she haven’t sex since 6 months in 2017. When you are so busy with your duty as mom or as a business woman, you really haven’t any time for a dick. “Lake a dick make a girl go crazy” Amber rose said “When the world thinks you have Orgies all day and mad dudes because your …

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Seyi Hunter : Having Sex Without Experiencing Orgasm Is A Waste Of Time

Seyi Hunter sex vlog

Miss Bikini Worldwide, producer and actress, Seyi Hunter, has in limelight opening a sex vlog. Despite staying at the brink of getting to us, yet again, the at any time-scintillating Overlook Bikini pageant, which can be charged for July thirty, the enticing celebrity is hovering a sex Vlog. According to the beautiful and daring celeb, the Nigerian contemporary culture, and …

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