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Caught On Tape : Brazen Couple Having Sex Next To The Main Door


The scene was captured by a security camera in a building. The couple without any modesty decides to have sex next to the front door. Look at the video. Young couple caught having sex next to main door of a building A young couple was caught having sex in the street. The moment was recorded by a security camera in …

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A Cameroonian Senator Caught In A Sex Tape Scandal, Video Goes Viral

Joseph Matta sex scandal

The explicit video exposes the senator appear naked in Adams robe and shows off his manhood on Skype video call. A Cameroonian Senator Caught webcam sex act in Skype The senator said , Joseph Matta has held several key positions in Biya’s government, including the post of secretary General in the Ministry of Forestry and environmental protection. Ever since the …

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Businessman Catches Wife Red-handed Having Sex With House Boy In Lagos

wife sex with house boy

An apprentice businessman at Ladipo market catches his wife engage in sex act with house boy in Lagos. The boy name is Mushin identified as Emenike has alleged sleeping with his master’s wife in Lagos. The incident happened around Ailegun Road in Bucknor Estate at Ejigbo where they reside. Cheating wife caught having sex with house boy in Lagos The …

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UN Delegates Caught Having Sex In A Refugee Camp In Syria

UN delegates caught sex

A randy couple, identified as representatives of the United Nations (UN), in a refugee camp in Syria, were caught on tape while having sex amidst two tents set up on the site. The couple, according to source, were in a refugee camp in Syria when they were recorded while having sex in the middle of two tents set up on the site. Caught on …

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Caught On Tape Couple Having Public Sex Act At Wisconsin State Fair

Wisconsin State Fair public sex thumb

A couple was arrested after having a sexual encounter at the Wisconsin State Fair and being captured in a very smiling video in full act. Images that circulate in social networks show the couple lying on a bench, naked from the waist down and beckoning while smiling at the camera . A horrified visitor said they were at a horse …

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Senior Citizen Caught Having Sex At Store Door In Broad Daylight

Senior Citizen Caught Having Sex

A senior citizen couple were filmed having sex in broad daylight on a busy street in Telde, Gran Canaria, Spain. The images released on social networks show the couple to kiss, leaning against the door of a store. The two, who look drunk, start petting each other while several people pass by on the street. Then the woman put down …

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