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Grumpy Mom Takes Snap Of Couple Having Sex Under A Bridge

sex under bridge 2

A teenage mother has shown her surprise at seeing a couple apparently having sex under a bridge outside their home. Lara Shoemark, a 19-year-old mother of two, watched as she put away her freshly washed clothes. She says the couple sheltered from the rain at first, but then began to kiss, until things got hot and began to touch, putting …

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Pastor Forced To Walk Naked After Caught Having Sex With Married Woman

Jermaine Simmons

A renowned Tallahassee pastor was forced to flee naked from a family home after a husband arrived home early and found him having sex with his wife. Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons’ adultery episode currently runs through social networks and his discourse of repentance before the congregation of Jacob Chapel is posted on Youtube with thousands of hits over the last …

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Zim Pastor Caught Red Handed Having Sex With Prostitute In Car

zim pastor caught with prostitute

Another sex scandal of pastor in Zimbabwe. A video has been published on YouTube pastor caught in sex act with a prostitute in his car. A well-known pastor hire a prostitute for his sexual pleasure. But he has busted by mod when try start act in his car in broad daylight. Pastor caught in sex act with prostitute in his …

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Randy Couple Caught Having Sex In Burger King Toilet

burger king sex

A couple, they would have around 40-year-old, they were caught having sex in the bathroom of a restaurant burger king in Manchester in England. Staff at the space asked for the couple leave, but they refused. Allegedly, they still wanted to eat and refused to leave, getting naked means in front of customers. Only when they realized that a waiter …

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Caught Having Sex With Dummy Doll In Shopping Mall

sex with dummy in mall

Visibly intoxicated, a man was photographed while having sex with a mannequin in a shop in the city of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The case occurred during the day, when the trade received customers. Those who witnessed the scene were shocked. According to witnesses, the man lowered his clothes, threw the dummy on the ground and, in the sequence, began to make …

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Underage Couple Filmed Having Sex In Internet Cafe

Customers of an Internet cafe in China were to ask that in real life there was a safe navigation filter, after seeing a couple having sex in full space of the property. According Mirror Co UK, A video posted on the social network Weibo and LiveLeaks site shows a young couple strips naked and having sex in internet cafe. Young …

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