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Azealia Banks Poses Full Frontal Naked (NSFW Photo)


On Monday, the Harlem rapper Azealia Banks uploaded a nude photo of herself to Twitter with caption “Make me over Kunts”. Scroll down for video Azealia Banks is never far away when it comes to making scandal, and she proved it once again! The problem is that under such circumstances, you sometimes have to face criticism, even mockery, and the …

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Azealia Banks Goes Totally Naked, Flashed Pubic Hair (NSFW 18+ Photos)

azealia banks naked thumb

Azealia Banks really likes to cause. The singer posted a completely naked photo on her Instagram account on Wednesday (9). But what really caught the attention was the blue paint covering the entire body of the 26-year-old rapper. Nude Azealia Banks flashed crotch in new photos as like amber rose Although the singer explained the transformation in the photo caption, …

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Azealia Banks Shares Naked Selfie On Facebook

Rapper Azealia Banks Shares a NSFW snap on social media where she lying naked on bed. Azealia strips naked and lying on bed, flaunts her bare butt with a message : “I lose my entire bag of weed last night. Up early in my hotel room feeling sad about it. I got a white girl butt right ? lol looks …

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Azealia Banks Goes Topless For Slay-Z Mixtape Cover (NSFW)

After departing Twitter previously this month, Azealia Banks is back but only to update enthusiasts on her new task. On Thursday (March 24), the “212” rapper released her new mixtape, Slay-Z. Azealia Banks flaunts bare boobs in new song album cover Apparently, someone was leaking songs from the collection and Banks made a preemptive strike to avoid the leakage. The …

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On Azealia Banks & Not African Sufficient


This evening, I tweeted a supportive respond to Azealia banks soon after she tweeted that she ended up being called a “nigger,” a “slave” and a “gringo” by an African male on Youtube.  Azealia happened to retweet it, and instantly I found myself flooded with replies from presumably Nigerian Flickr end users showing me that I’m crazy for declaring her …

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Dude make Miming Sex Acts On Nicki Minaj’s Wax Figure


Azealia Banks’ prediction that visitors to see Nicki Minaj’s wax figure would imitate sex acts on it have, unfortunately, come true. Shortly after Nicki Minaj’s wax figure was unveiled, Azealia Banks registered her disappointment with its pose. You can check out an image of the singer’s Madame Tussauds creation below. Nicki Minaj was overjoyed with the creation though, which was …

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Azealia Banks strip naked on playboy music issue

azealia banks nude

The 23-year-old star Azealia Banks affirmed the news on her Twitter page, composition: “Now I can at last let you know, I’ll be on the COVER of @Playboy’s April Music Issue!! #LeChatNoir (sic)” Azealia disclose she’d been motivated by two of her legends, Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell, both showing up in the grown-up magazine. She tweeted: “Beauty Jones and …

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Chasing Time – Azealia Banks Strips Naked (NSFW Video)

Chasing Time - Azealia Banks strips naked video

Azealia Banks is utilizing her battling craftsman days as a stripper to great utilization. The terrible young lady of rap shows off her raunchy moves and a ton all the more in her provocative Pursuing Time music feature. Azealia, 23, moves and sings in a show of fascinating outfits show off boobs, yet most getting is the modern attire that …

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