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Nurse caught having Sex with an epileptic patient in Homabay


A nurse working at Ngeta Dispensary in Homabay State is shut up at Kendu Bay Authorities Station for defiling a category Six pupil. once the healthcare professional changed in the direction of her and raped her the epileptic lady skilled removed to medical facility to acquire some prescription drugs . Her 62-yr-old grandma mentioned that the young young lady went …

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Leaked Nude Photos Of Huddah Monroe

HUDDAH MONROE sexy bikini (1)

The plot encompassing Vera Sidika And Huddah Monroe‘s battle thickens as her Instagram account was supposedly hacked and Nude photos leaked. The two Kenyan Beauties were truly at every others throats yesterday, With Huddah Monroe shooting the first shot (Read Here). Vera countered back at her, Tagging her ‘a Peasant’. A few hours after the fact, Monroe’s Instagram record has …

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Students caught drug and having sex in Nairobi bound bus


45 secondary school students from Kirinyaga County are today visitors of the State after they were captured while having sex and smoking bhang in a Nairobi bound transport. The 45 students from different auxiliary schools in Kirinyaga, who had enlisted the transport to Nairobi in the wake of shutting schools, were captured by police after a tip off from individuals …

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Corazon’s younger sister shows some sexy twerking skill [Hot]

Generally, Corazon’s younger sister vixen unruly kittay has been showing aggregate frantic on social network as she tries to become famous in the focused showbiz industry. Yet, it now appears that the quick rising socialite can do anything to look for open consideration. The following is her most recent insane feature that may astonish numerous.

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Uganda TV star Sacked After Her Nude Photos leaked online

Anita Fabiola naked

In the most recent eight years Uganda has seen more than 10 female famous people turn into the subject of nude picture embarrassments. Some are searching for distinction to add to the acclaim they as of now have, others are misused by terrible individuals. In January a female TV character who showed up in a sex tape was expeditiously sacked …

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TNA Woman Senator denies having sex with Naija man in a car

senator Joy Gwendo

TNA named Senator Joy Gwendo claims she know those behind her charged “relegation” from the gathering and reports that she was caught having sex with a Nigerian man in a car outside a diversion spot. Gwendo advised The Nairobian that preceding a nearby production running the story on the asserted sex adventure with a Naija, she had been cautioned by …

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Politician’s daughter’s nude photos about to leak


Nairobi – Ex-boyfriend Threaten to leak her nude photos who is a politician’s daughter. The man, who was dating the MP’s daughter, called a source near to Power Play advising him of his somewhat fiendish plans. Strategic maneuver has been perusing the Internet since, however it shows up the man is presumably sitting tight for ‘the ideal time’ or has …

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Woman Caught having sex with two minor boy in Nakuru

black three some sex

A Kenyan Woman 43-year-old single mother of four kids from Nakuru was Caught having sex with two minor boy in her home on Tuesday evening. Margaret Muthoni, a second hand garments merchant was enamored with little young men in Bondeni where she lived and called them into her home to provide for them goodies. Their guardians believed her and at …

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