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The Best Time For Woman Orgasm

woman orgasm

At present, men have become more interested in sexually pleasing women. They wait for them to get wet, to twist their eyes, to hold them tight and to feel the orgasm first. They deserve applause. Given that, will there be interest in knowing at what time of day is better for a woman to have an orgasm? Will it be …

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The Best Positions To Have Sex Outside Your Bed

hot sex in kitchen

They will be more comfortable without having to go to the bedroom, and sex will be a new experience. Having sex out of your bed is a challenge and you need to have options for the best positions for you and your partner are very comfortable, as if they were in the room. With out of bed we refer to …

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5 Changes That Your Body Suffers Without Sex

lake of sex

These are the 5 changes that your body suffers without having sex for a long time. When we take time without having sex, our body begins to undergo some changes that often go unnoticed. Some people notice these changes, but they never imagined it was because of the lack of sex. Do you want to know how a woman’s body …

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Breathing During Sex Will Give You More Pleasure

Diaphragmatic breathing has many benefits: breathe well during sex will give you more pleasure . Every day we breathe as 200,000 times, but some of those breaths, may have a more pleasurable effect in your intimate relationships. The diaphragmatic breathing helps athletic performance, you get rid of an anxiety attack and may even alleviate back pain. Not to mention how …

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A Virgin Girl Sells Sex First Time

Unusual: she is 18 and wants to buy an apartment her parents, who are about to be evicted. How much has your virginity? However, this girl does not plan to work long hours. Nor would ask for a credit. Sex sell for study fees “I want to study in Oxford and succeed , ” said Aleexandra , who reveals that …

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10 Reasons To Have Sex Every Day

Check out 10 reasons to have sex daily and use every day a different one to take the cat to bed! 1. Sex is the cure for headache That excuse of “Love, today does not … I have a headache” does not stick anymore. In fact, can help relieve headaches. The scientists followed closely patients who suffered from migraine or …

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5 Benefits Of Oral Sex For Women

Few women dare to render its opinion on the satisfaction they feel when giving or receiving oral sex. Moreover, I wonder: would you be willing to do? Relax, you’re not the first nor the only one. Let’s most happening to us! It’s amazing that even in these times and oral caresses be taboo. However, the benefits of this practice are …

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13 Tips To Enjoy Better Sex

13 These are some of the best tips for improving sex who shared users of the social network Reddit . What is clear that going slowly, preliminary and kisses in the most sensitive areas of the body takes the cake. Internet agrees that this is the most advisable to enjoy more in the bedroom: 1. Blindfolds “Especially if your partner …

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She Wants Sex In The Pool, But Tail Off With Cold Water

“She wants sex in the pool, but tail off with cold water. What do I do now?” “I’m going to the beach for a pool house. With some malice, my girlfriend has said he would try to have sex in the water without the neighbors to see. I don’t know if she was serious, but it worries me that’s my …

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“Lesbian” The Most Sought Porn For Women

It is clear that porn is a global phenomenon. In general, if you hear this word first thing that will come to mind is … well, the latter that will come to mind is that it is usually more common among men than among women . This continues to be true, but it is also true that today add up …

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