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Sexting on Whatsapp

black girl sexting

Many believe that thanks to Whatsapp relationships are running out, but the truth is that they are reinventing themselves and now the raised tone emoticons are a great ally. Sex by Whatsapp is what is known as “sexting“, a practice that consists of sending messages or images with sexual content suggestive or explicit through social networks, in this case only …

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Sexual Positions For Lesbians: The Best With Harness

naija lesbian sex

The missionary and the four supports are among the best sexual positions for lesbians with harness. Sex with harness consists of one girl giving and the other receiving; One of them is the one that puts the harness and penetrates to its companion. There are many lesbians who think that these types of dildos are not recommendable for them because …

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I Cheated On My Husband For Two Years And Never Felt Guilty

cheating wife

The sex with a lover is different from you have with your partner. First, because bodies are different and that conditions. With your partner you know where to touch and kiss to make it work and here you have to start again, although soon you get engaged. And second, because when you have sex outside of marriage you are eliminating …

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The Word “Fuck” In The Title

Selena Gomez Hands to Myself

Apparently because he had the word ‘fuck’ in the title. Paradoxical because the article spoke precisely of how in this society everything is sold with sex. They make us believe that sex is indispensable for a healthy life and that we will not be able to access it unless we are thin, stylish, glamorous. So we spent a dough trying …

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Guinea Prostitutes Take Over Ivorians And Burkina Faso

Guinea Prostitutes

Cheap sex is not a rare commodity in Ouagadougou. Far from it. It is only necessary to take a turn at nightfall at the avenue Kwame N’Krumah and its secondary arteries to realize that this practice still has good days ahead. From the 15th to the 17th of February, we visited the sanctuary of the prostitution of the city of …

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Sex In The Kitchen: The Tricks To Get More Satisfaction

black couple sex in kitchen

If you have not broken a dish in your life, it’s time to tear apart the dishes , the pots, the frying pans and the entire battery … Your kitchen is going to cheer a lot and not just for a new recipe . The room of the stove is a temple for taste and smell, why not experience now …

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3 Amazing Advantages Of Having Sex

black couple sex

A study by Oregon State University in the United States points to several advantages that the practice of sex could bring. Some of them have already been overly debated, but others could be quite surprising. Especially when they refer to the importance of sex life in the professional career. According to the survey, people who have sex before work would …

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12 Things You Need To Know Before Nipple Piercing

nipple piercing

All it needed was Kristen Stewart that was made to the nipple piercing , and the affair is re-exploded. Old mania raver early nineties, new craze celebs who have just reached 20 years (as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner). They make public all but the age-old question “the nipple piercing hurt?”. Imagine if faces as they can afford a grimace …

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Women With Big Butt Are Smarter And Healthier

Women With Big Butt Are Smarter And Healthier

Woman with big ass is smarter! Researchers at the University of Oxford have found that women with more than average buttocks are not only smarter, but are also more resistant to chronic diseases. According to ABC News, the study found that women with the big buttocks have a low cholesterol level, the likely reason for this is the hormones responsible …

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What You Feel – Is It Lust Or Love?

sexy black girl

A socialize application that allows users to communicate with other people based on their preferences for chatting and making appointments – works in your favor, a new guy will come into your life, along with a series of feelings and desires. But after a while (and a lot of sex), could you know if what you feel is lust or …

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