Earn Rating Of Nicki Minaj Big Butts Selfie

In the afternoon of Saturday (12), Nicki Minaj shared a photo “her style” in her Instagram this Saturday (12). In the picture, the singer appears with her back to a mirror, wearing a kind of swimsuit and highlighting her curves.

Nicki minaj big butts selfie

Negative comment on Nicki Minaj’s big booty selfie

However, the image big butts among the brunette’s fans. She gets 1,094,763 likes on Instagram. Some fans praised such as: “Incredible”, “I did not expect it,” “Too beautiful,” “My favorite” and “Queen.”However, other followers did not like it at all, such as: “Silly Butt”, “False Butt”, “You were prettier when it was natural” and “This butt is very ugly” were some of the negative comments.

And you, what do you think?

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