Caught On Tape Couple Having Public Sex Act At Wisconsin State Fair

A couple was arrested after having a sexual encounter at the Wisconsin State Fair and being captured in a very smiling video in full act.

Wisconsin State Fair public sex

Images that circulate in social networks show the couple lying on a bench, naked from the waist down and beckoning while smiling at the camera .

A horrified visitor said they were at a horse show not “baby-making”, referring to the couple who had sex in the stands, The Sun details .

After the scandalous incident at the fair full of children and considered a family event , police confirmed that the couple, who has not been identified, was arrested and could face criminal charges .

A spokeswoman for the Wisconsin State Fair told FOX 6 News that they were aware of the “frightening viral video” circulating on social networks.

“This incident is inexcusable, and therefore, a thorough investigation was carried out, and the video was removed,” he said.


The power of social networks and the reach of people to mobile devices has shown couples in compromising situations, which without pain commit sexual acts in the street.

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The Sun points out that a month ago a man was filmed in Venice while performing a sexual act on his girlfriend on a beach full of children playing in the sand.

And last week a couple was caught having sex in broad daylight at a bus stop in United Kingdom. Brazen Couple Having Sex At A Bus Stop In Broad Daylight

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