Caught On Tape Brazen Couple Having Sex At A Bus Stop In Broad Daylight

A couple in the UK does not mind being in the street to have a sex encounter, much less that they missed the bus that would take them home.

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A young woman from Nottinghamshire was about to have tea and dinner at her house when she saw through the window that a couple at a bus stop were sharing more than a hug .

A British Brazen Couple Spotted Having Sex At A Bus Stop In Broad Daylight

Charlotte Harrison, a stylist, was shocked when she realized that the couple were having sex, their movements betrayed them, so she decided to record the “disgusting” behavior, according to the Daily Mail .

The man and the woman made no effort to cover themselves, nor did they care that it was still an hour when there was traffic and so they waited for the bus with their shopping aside.

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“Literally in front of my house, the couple was having unprotected sex in the world,” she said.

And although a bus arrived , Harrison says he was let in so as not to interrupt the moment of passion and waited for the next.

“My dad called the police who showed up and crossed a word with them,” said the girl, whose video has become viral on social networks after she shared it on Facebook on Tuesday after the same incident Day around 8 pm.

The Nottinghamshire Police said the officers who attended the call spoke with the couple, known to prowl in 40 years, his conduct and that were cited in the police station on suspicion of outrage published , detailing the Daily.

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