Braless Lourdes Maria Shows Off Boobs In See-through Top

A transparent top that shows her boobs, slippers and a mysterious man alongside her, so Lourdes Maria Leon, the daughter of Madonna, was parachuted during a shopping tour in New York.

Lourdes Leon thumb

Lourdes Maria flashed bare boobs in sheer top

She had recently talked about her for a “beauty choice” copied by her mother, that is, she did not wipe off her armpits , then made her web browsing her purple hair , now Lourdes Maria Leon, Madonna’s daughter was paparazzi to New York hugged to a mysterious boyfriend with a questionable shopping look.

Lourdes Leon bares boobs

Lola’s look for shopping in New York

Lourdes Maria Leon is the eldest of the Madonna popstar and since she was little she has been shown to have style to sell. He is not a girl who follows the modes dissolutely, interprets every trend in his own way by creating a unique style, particular and over the lines. This time, however, he has a bit exaggerated.

For a shopping tour in New York, the “daughter of” chose a mid-way look between the daring and scruffy. New York in August is a hot city, perhaps because of this Lola chose a top band and wore it without a bra, but did not notice that despite the black top the fabric revealed nipples.

Lola is therefore right to become part of the large group of celebrities who have chosen to “free their nipples” in daily life and social networks.

At the sheer top worn without bra Lourdes Maria pairs a pair of extra large suit trousers with elastic waist and sketches of paint that make it look dirty. At the foot of a pair of ” Adidas ” swimming pools , the coolest of this summer. The hair is loose on the shoulders, and the neck wraps a micro necklace.

braless Lourdes Leon with boyfriend

Lourdes Maria, sweet hugs with an unknown boy

The teen star was accompanied in a shopping arcade by a mysterious boyfriend with whom she had been photographed in 2016. It is unclear whether the boy in question is Lourdes’s boyfriend or is just a friend, but the fact is that the two are They were immortal as they exchanged tender hugs and sweet kisses. He was also wearing slippers but with white socks in beautiful show. Maria Lurdes therefore dresses in co-ordination with her sweet companion.

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