Amber Rose Claims Her Stupid Heavy 36H Boobs Are Cause Of Her Back Pain

Amber Rose is considering reducing her huge boobs this year. That says the 33-year-old model on Instagram on Monday and asks her followers who have undergone such surgery for advice.

amber rose huge boobs reduction

Amber Rose undergone breasts reduction surgery this year

Rose shared a picture of herself in a low cut cleavage-baring black shirt, which was taken on Sunday at her best friend Paloma Ford’s birthday party. “My breasts are ridiculously heavy, my back hurts and I can not wear little shirts without big bra,” writes Rose on Instagram. “Are there ladies who are much happier, despite the scars, with their chest reduction?” She asks her followers.

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She said:

I’m thinking about getting a breast reduction this year. My boobs are stupid heavy. My back hurts and I can’t wear cute little shirts without a grandma bra. I’m really scared of the lollipop scars tho…. any advice? Are there any women out there that are much happier even though you have breast reduction scars?

And no I don’t have implants so they can’t just cut around the nipples. Tell me about your experiences – muva.

Amber Rose claims her huge boobs are real, she don’t have implants


Fans and followers of Rose who are more than willing to provide her with advice. Many advised her to continue breast reduction because it removes the backache. Other fans tried to reassure the model by telling the scars to be huge. Some fans advise Amber Rose against breast reduction ‘Your boobs are perfect’.

Whether Amber Rose continues the operation she has not announced yet.

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