Youtuber Tasha Maile Who Have Sex While Breastfeeding Her Son

Youtuber Tasha Maile, a young natural mother from San Diego, USA, often makes videos on Youtube which gives advice on motherhood and health during and after pregnancy. The woman has generated a lot of controversy since she said she breastfeeds her baby while having sex.

Tasha Maile Who Have Sex While Breastfeeding
In the first video she defended the practice, dating to 2015, Tasha said she used to breastfeed her son, then baby, while having sex with the now ex-husband. The young woman, who then had two children, asserted that “there is no problem in doing both simultaneously, because both are acts of love.”

Mother having sex with Ex-Husband while breastfeeding her kids

Tasha, who has returned to motherhood and has three children, Josiah, Soul and Love, has now returned to breastfeeding during sex, explaining that her 3-month-old baby cries whenever she is not in her mother’s lap. The woman gets to breastfeed two children at the same time.

“Of all the experiences I had with this practice, I assure you that it strengthens the bonds of the family very much.With my ex-husband, we got used to having sex behind while I was breastfeeding. Now practice continued because my youngest son Never stops crying if I let go.I just want the best for my children. It’s normal and completely natural,” Tasha says.

The practice has generated much controversy in social networks, with several unbelieving Internet users with the advice of the young mother. “How can you be excited while you are breastfeeding a child ?!” And “I would never make love to my husband with my children next door to see,” are some of the criticisms pointed out to Tasha. However, there are those who agree with the practice. “It’s like she says, normal and natural, I do not see how you can think it’s disgusting,” argues an Internet user.

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