Viral Video: Couple Caught Having Sex Outrageous In Barcelona Beach

In full broad daylight, in the eyes of all and without any modesty. A neighbor of the Barcelona neighborhood has posted on the social networks the video of a couple having sex a few meters from their window.

sex in barcelona beach

It happened on Saturday morning in one of the squares of the neighborhood, located in front of a playground and a school.

A randy couple engage in sex act in the beach of Barcelona in broad daylight

The Barceloneta neighborhood is just a few meters away from the city center and the beach. Its location makes it one of the most sought after corners of the city. The problem is that tourist occupation is not only reduced to summer, but occurs throughout the year.

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The vast majority is a tourism of drunkenness, housed in unlicensed tourist apartments that, in some cases, can house up to 15 people having capacity for 4. It is a mixture of ingredients that is turning the neighborhood into a theme park of party And alcohol.

On this occasion, the video was posted on the Facebook page of the association Barceloneta says Basta. This is one of the many associations of neighbors that have been denouncing the situation in the neighborhood for several years: dirt, noise, fights, drunks … They are images that the neighbors record every night from their windows and that they have made arrive at the authorities. In most cases this has not helped.

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