Rob Kardashian Shared Blac Chyna Nude Pics And Intimate Video With Another Man

Revenge porn – Rob Kardashian , 30, Kim Kardashian’s younger brother , decided to expose nudes of model Blac Chyna, with whom she has a cheating relationship, on his Instagram, on Wednesday (5).

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Rob said Blac sent him a picture of a black dress with her vagina on display before betraying him with another man. “This is from Chyna from yesterday. I’ve never felt so disrespected in my life. I just bought 250k in jewelry for her. This woman is so disrespectful, I don’t care anymore,” wrote Rob who has a girl named Dream with Blac.

Rob Kardashian published his ex girlfriend Blac chyna naked photos and cheating video

Previously, the brother of Kim Kardashian posted on his Instagram one print of a Blac conversation, which is mother of his daughter Dream , with an alleged lover.

Rob Kardashian Shared Blac Chyna Nude photo

“This is the guy that Chyna was caught cheating on me a minute ago. He writes for help and asks for money because it can not pay the bill of Chyna … So it’s because of that I paid her bills. More receipts are coming .

Rob Kardashian Shared Blac Chyna Nude photo

Yesterday Chyna sent me a picture of her nude and the rest, saying she wanted to fuck me. I never betrayed Chyna and remained faithful to it even after all this treason and multiple guys she has slept besides me “, continued He, who even posted a video of Blac to the kisses with the supposed lover.


“Hahahaha Chyna just sent me this video wishing me a happy July 4. What a crazy person, come spend some time with your daughter instead of having sex with me and this guy.You need help,” he continued.

Blac’s lover would have tried to bribe Rob, who got a picture of the boy lying on his bed and wearing his robe. “Imma has sent messages of this kind that will expose Chyna if I do not help him make money, and he can not handle the bills to take care of Chyna, I laugh a lot, I’ve spent a million alone in the last 2 months. 70K watch, the Ferrari you pretend to have achieved. ”

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The heir of the Kardashian clan also made a point of pinching the woman, saying that her body is all carved in surgeries, which he paid for. “This is a photo that Chyna sent me before having sex with another man at her house and with her son and my baby there.

For everyone who is wondering why her nipples are so big is because she had to have surgery After our baby was born, on our anniversary on January 25. I paid $ 100,000 for it and they broke her nipples. They were so cute and now they are so big. ”

In December of last year, Rob had already made several accusations about Blac Chyna on the web . At the time, he said she had abandoned him and taken the couple’s daughter. He said that the model was with him out of interest.

It is worth mentioning that in California, in the United States, the disclosure of other people’s intimate images is illegal and can give a chain.

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