Actress Lizzy Oraya : I’ll Marry Poor Man Who Can Satisfy Me In Bed

Nigeria actress Lizzy Oraya talks about sex role in movie and her sexy heavy body in an exclusive interview.

nigerian actress Lizzy Oraya boobs cleavage

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About sex scene in movie

The actress said she haven’t any problem to act in sex scene if it’s a demand of script. Oraya said “I can’t have sex for real in a movie, I can only mime it”.

About sex before marry and relationship

It’s actually wrong in the eyes of Our god; the bible is in addition towards it. For me just like a person, I’ll not just marry somebody with out knowing if he could satisfy me or maybe not. I by no means need to get dedicated to some ‘Indomie’ man or woman, that means five minutes in bed and we are done, I don’t want that. I want a man that can satisfy me.

For Lizzy Oraya, sex is the big deal in relationship. In the world we live in today there is no connection without having sexual activity. So, when we will be in a relationship why don’t you simply fulfill me? I do not desire to appearance in other places for sexual activity.

About marry

I’ll choose a poor man that is good in bed; he doesn’t have cash nowadays does not mean he won’t have the next day. So long as he is powerful-willed and also have a long term he can make it in everyday life, we shall join hands and wrists jointly and succeed. I never require a unique gentleman that would not have my time, I like attention and I love to be liked, it is not merely in regards towards the dollars. I can’t cheat thus I’ll somewhat go for a poor man with potentials and one that can really like me than a rich man that cannot perform.

About selling point

Actress said : “Yes I have nice boobs.  My chest and my back are very heavy. I have a very nice shape body and I thank God for creating me like that. I’m sexy and I know it.

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