Husband Committed Suicide After Caught Having Sex With Another Woman

in Lilongwe – a married man has committed suicide by jumping into Likuni river after being caught by wife having sex with another woman.

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Malawi Police have discovered the person as 39-year-old Chingoma Ngwizi of Tambala Town, Standard Influence Malili in Lilongwe.

Lilongwe Law enforcement officers station representative Kingsley Dandaula mentioned in the evening of July seven, the deceased traveled to the house of his partner who life inside the very exact same small city.

Husband try to kill himself after he caught having sex with another girl

The partner in the deceased was educated by her neighbors of the advancement.

“Upon seeing and listening to this, the partner adopted the husband for the other woman’s residence exactly where she catch them red-hand having sex,’ Dandaula explained.

He stated the matter was documented the same nighttime towards the small city headman who advised for the ability to listen to in the classic judge the next morning hours.

“However, the next day around 8am, the deceased required a cycling and traveled to Nguluwe Bridge where he threw himself into Likuni River and drowned,” Dandaula stated.

He has since urged people to desist from taking suicide as a solution to their problems.

“Taking ones life only creates more problems to the family members a single leaves behind,” said Dandaula.

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