Actress Crystabel Goddy Unveils Why She Went Naked For Birthday Shoot

Rising star the Nigerian actress Crystabel Goddy, who was in limelight after pose semi-nude on her birthday photo shoot.

Nigerian Actress Crystabel Goddy sexy

According Crystabel, she want to do good thing on her birthday and happy to donate blood. She said “It’s a choice that originated from an instruction and strong considering. Birthdays are significant and also for each new year that I am gifted with, I’ve decided to talk about it using a lucky man or woman. That is my small strategy for creating my lifestyle worthy, offering rear and stating I enjoy that I’ve obtained life, given that many others gives everything to live.”

About strip down in birthday shoot

Crystabel Goddy said, “Strip down for my birthday shoot was about me being human and a model, but I have got my spirituality intact. Models pray for successes and they get successful. I am also an actress and if there’s a story where I have got to show some skin, it’s the job; it does not stop me from being respected. God is interested in everyone especially those who accept their imperfections. Nudity is an art. It’s bold. It’s about embracing and recreating myself. It is freedom.”

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