Unclad Alert! Nigerian Girl Poses In Her Birthday Suit

The birthday pics trending still continues to spread like wildfire in Nigeria. While some women are prefer to unveil conservative photos on their big day, some go above and beyond the limits of morality, expose their nudity. One of such woman is “Nelly Jose Mourinho Sylva”, who turned 28 on 13th June.

Nelly Jose nude

She got everyone attention on Facebook after she posted a series of naked photos to celebrate her 28th birthday.

Nigerian girl Nelly Jose shared naked selfie to celebrate her 28th birthday on Facebook

According to her, many women are not comfortable with their bodies especially the fat ones.

Nelly Jose Mourinho Sylva sexy

She further stated that she has received over 3000 friend requests in 24 hours after she posted the unclad photo.

Nelly Jose said:

A lot of women are not comfortable in their body, especially the fat ones like myself, some starve themselves just to be what they are not.. Well as for me, I don’t give a fuck.. I eat as I want, drink beer or vodka as I want, smoke as I want, aye ope meji o, be very comfortable in your body and skin ladies, do not let inferiority complex get the better of you! #StillMyBirthday

“Over 3000 friend requests in the last 24 hours, where these people want make I add them? My list is already 5k”

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