Blackface! Kim Kardashian Was Really Tan

Kim Kardashian launched her new makeup line ‘KKW’ (Kim Kardashian West), and criticized for its publicity, as it is accused of Blackface to gain benefits from the African-American population.

Kim Kardashian bare chest KKW Blackface

On Monday the 36-year-old beauty shared three new snap where she was not only made up beautifully, but she was also showed off her chest.

Kim Kardashian flaunts bare chest in Blackface beauty make up

In the promotional photos, Kim appears with a much darker skin tone, which was described as a strategy of appropriating elements of African-American culture, this is known as “cultural appropriation”, which she apparently uses to increase her Sales.

Kim Kardashian KKW Blackface make up

Following the criticism, Kim’s images on promotional items already appear with lighter skin, since the tanning was obtained by the use of filters.

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