Viral Video : A Radio Presenter Fondles And Squeezes Ghanaian Actress Boobs In Broad Daylight

Actress Emelia Brobbey in media tour to promote her new movie “Adanfo Bone” on Top FM. After finish chitchat with all the group Actress Xandy Kamel have some fun time with radio presenter out of building.
actress Xandy Kamel

Ghanaian Actress engage in shameless act, she allow a man to grab her boobs rubbing booty against him

In a situation – The Mr. Handsome hugging the actress from behind. He fondles and squeezes Xandy Kamel’s boobs and the actress try to twerking against him. The Radio Presenter get boner and hide behind car after clapping actress bum and the actress laugh of loud.

Actress Xandy Kamel’s boobs grabbed in public


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