Actress Ellen White : Cheap Girls Have Sex With Producers For Get Roles

Stunning Kumawood actress Ellen White, who calling some actresses are cheap cause of sleeping with producer to get roles in movie.

Kumawood actress Ellen White

According a latest interview with Flex newspapers, The Ghanaian actress Ellen White in regards to the rate where some actress have sex with directors and producers for jobs within our music industry, she said “Girls who do they are cheap”.

Talking on sex scandal women undergo, she stated, “people evaluate you the way in which you have your self. No one has proposed in the event you ask me yet within the songs business and I also do not believe anyone can all due to how I relate with them. Not to say I’m the bossy kind however I see everybody being a buddy.

Actress Ellen White said girls who strips down and sex with producer for get role they are cheap

Though whenever we satisfy on set up is possible towards the gentlemen to suggest but almost everything depends upon the woman whether to accept or reject. It’s a personal decision. Ladies who do that does that simply because it’s their character and not an act all ladies go through in the film business.

When the person has that personality, instantly she will bring it almost everywhere she goes that doesn’t imply we are all like this. We don’t do this. I haven’t experienced any one of these scandals.

“Ladies who open their thighs and legs for movie jobs are inexpensive. They need to quit since it is tarnishing their image. Celebrities don’t find it difficult to shine when you have an issue to turn right into a celebrity, absolutely you can expect to fall. It won’t help them in any way” she told flex newspaper.

Actress Ellen White reveals about her new project “The list”

When requested about her toughest time in the industry, she said “So far I haven’t gone through tough times yet but I believe the backbiting in the industry is too a lot. Usually they are saying am not friendly but which is not who I’m once you get near to me you will know the kind of person I’m. Ellen White is definitely the hold kind rather than an extrovert. I open to everybody who goes to me”.

She added, “I have in no way accomplished nearly something inside the video sector that I have regretted and so I’ll never experience similar issues specifically giving myself out to the directors and producers for any role”.

Ellen White premiered her fifth created movie, “The List” at the West Hillsides Mall last week Friday, 5th May.

When requested just how much she utilized on development, she said “I compensated every of the actors and actresses who loved a role from the video. I actually expended a lot for this film nevertheless I can’t make known the quantity used”.

My generation is there for 5 many years now. I actually have generated a number of movie to date along with the a special one is my fifth movie. I’ve created: Meyefo, revelation, fault, medofo pa now “the list” she suggested flex newspaper.


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