Brazen Couple Caught Having Sex Round Two For 15 Minutes In Broad Daylight

A couple were recorded while having sex in broad daylight behind a wall, meters from a church in the city of Barnsley in England. The video was uploaded to the social networks but they dropped it.

Brazen Couple Caught Having Sex

The video was filmed by 31-year-old Denzill Smith , who cautiously approached while reporting what was a joke.

“Today, on planet earth in the city of Barnsley on Wellington Street, we have a rare mating ritual between a hippopotamus and a female rhinoceros,” he says as he approaches the fiery pair.

A brazen couple caught having sex outside busy block of flats in Broad Daylight

In these times of social networks and much technology it is common for people to document everything they see, whether through photos or videos.

That is why it is not strange what happened to this man, who found a couple having sex in the public thoroughfare . But the man, as a mockery, recorded the couple and compared them to a pair of animals.

In describing the situation, this man compared them to a hippopotamus and a female rhinoceros.

After this, he published it on social networks and while some laughed with the video, others criticized the couple for having sex on the street.

What do you think? Is it okay to record people without their consent?

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