Guinea Prostitutes Take Over Ivorians And Burkina Faso

Cheap sex is not a rare commodity in Ouagadougou. Far from it. It is only necessary to take a turn at nightfall at the avenue Kwame N’Krumah and its secondary arteries to realize that this practice still has good days ahead.

Guinea Prostitutes

From the 15th to the 17th of February, we visited the sanctuary of the prostitution of the city of Ouagadougou, in this case “hotel Banana”. It is an old building of three levels of about thirty rooms of which more than half are permanently occupied by prostitutes who made their place there. ” We each contribute 5,000 CFA francs per day to pay for the hotel because we do not have a family here in Ouaga. So it is here that we put our customers at ease, “reports Aminata.

And in a room, they can be two or three, depending on what we have been able to do. At the foot of the building is a famous nightclub , ” Banana Bar VIP ” very crowded. By day, it is an “innocent” place that it is given to see; Totally desert where reigns a flat calm.

Sex trade : what is really happening in Burkina Faso

The decor of the hot nights starts at 16:00. Indeed, it is around this hour, with the declining lead sun that the first tables and chairs are set up in front of the esplanade of the night club. It is also at this hour that the first customers, the disciples of Bacchus send the good beer.

In front of this site, on the other side of the street, stands an open air where other customers celebrate beer. From 4 pm to 7 pm, alcohol and cigarettes occupy the guests. But once night has fallen the scenery is enriched with the presence of the prostitutes who come out of their house. Lightweight outfits that reveal intimate parts of the body for some, and tattoos visible to others. ” These beautiful nights ” are very enterprising both in the streets and in the rooms. Hence the influx of customers who do not sulk their pleasure.

Only initially held by the Ivorian who had eventually attracted Burkina Faso, the Hotel Banana and its surroundings today offer more girls of Guinean joys. ” It was the Ivorian and the Liberians who were here before on the Avenue Kwame N’Krumah. The Burkina Faso loved these girls of another style.

Sex worker of Guinea

They thought it was seductive. But since then, the older ones have left the site for other nightclubs more attractive when others have converted. They do not walk all the streets for fun, “says a local resident with whom we traded in a kiosk in the vicinity. ” Since then, we have seen other girls coming from Guinea. They are now the most numerous and pleasing to customers, ” Bernard said.

However, Inside the banana VIP bar, the majority of waitresses are Ivorian girls, very welcoming. As for the prostitutes for 2000, even 3000 FCFA the pass is consumed. Some prostitutes to whom we offered a pot even told us that they were ready for 10,000 FCFA to go to the end of the night.

It is because the social situation has had to lower prices. ” The key is to get by with something to deal with food and rent, ” says Assita. Like what the money gained from the sweat of the buttocks is not always consistent. According to the latter, out of three prostitutes on this site, two are Guinean. However, not being unionized, it is hard to tell how many girls exactly practice in the vicinity of taxi bush.

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