Women With Big Butt Are Smarter And Healthier

Woman with big ass is smarter! Researchers at the University of Oxford have found that women with more than average buttocks are not only smarter, but are also more resistant to chronic diseases.

Women With Big Butt Are Smarter And Healthier

According to ABC News, the study found that women with the big buttocks have a low cholesterol level, the likely reason for this is the hormones responsible for sugar absorption, which in these women are working more efficiently. As a result, they are less likely to suffer from heart problems and diabetes.

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Another finding is that the adiposity present in big booty demands a greater production of omega 3, a type of healthy fat that contributes to brain development. Researchers have been able to demonstrate that children of women with a wider hip than the average have better intellectual performance than the children of “straight” mothers.

According to Eyeonthenut the study was done and analyzed from the profile of approximately 16,000 women.

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