Nigerian Actress Stella Idika : I Cherish My Boobs More

The most promising Nollywood actresse, Stella Idika comes in lime light after her exclusive interview with Inside Nollywood.
Stella Idika huge boobs

The busty actress reveals she love her boobs more than her face. Her huge boobs make her boyfriend cant do without it.

She said, “My face and breast are so special to me but I cherish my tits more. They’re not that huge but I like its shape and it gives fitting of my clothes. Also my boyfriend loves them so much and he unable do without my boobs.

Stella Idika : I love my boobs more than my face

She also confirmed about what turns her far from in males, stating that becoming unclean and unkempt could be a rebuff on her. “I can’t remain a person that odours of stagnant sweat regularly and other people who’s toes scent anytime they get-off of their boots. Also i can’t working day individuals that discussions on women. These types of males think that every productive girl in the marketplace is shed. That mentality is extremely wrong and pisses me away!”

Cleaning the prevalent rumors that she is really a smoker, the Ohaofia, Abia State-born starlet acknowledged that really, she accustomed to cigarette smoke but had because dumped tobacco permanently.

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