Hot! Nicki Minaj Strips Down, Shares Unclad Snap On Instagram

Nicki Minaj never hesitates to show her forms, on Instagram, the singer remained for the moment much more modest. The busty brunette had not yet yielded, like many stars, to the fashion of not hiding anything from her anatomy.

nicki minaj half-naked

Yesterday, Nicki Minaj decided it was time for her to become a normal personality and posed half-naked on the social network.

Nicki Minaj goes topless on sexy Valentin’s snap

On a bed, the star goes topless and let herself be photographed with the boobs in the air. Downstairs, she did not dare, as Bella Hadid, transparent panties and merely a white underwear, everything was more decent. The ex of the rapper Meek Mill nevertheless wanted to bring her personal touch to this pretty picture.

Because Nicki Minaj would not be Nicki Minaj without her looks very colorful and grandiloquent. It is therefore in high heels and with red glasses on the nose that the artist took the pose for the greatest happiness of her fans.

Full of self-deprecation, she compared her legend to that of a dancing gogo: “When you are a stripper but recently, You really think about a re-conversion. “

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