Grumpy Mom Takes Snap Of Couple Having Sex Under A Bridge

A teenage mother has shown her surprise at seeing a couple apparently having sex under a bridge outside their home.

Lara Shoemark, a 19-year-old mother of two, watched as she put away her freshly washed clothes.

Lara Shoemark
Lara Shoemark, Who take picture of couple who having sex under a bridge in front her windows

She says the couple sheltered from the rain at first, but then began to kiss, until things got hot and began to touch, putting their hands under each other underwear. The guy then lifted her lover’s skirt and started having sex standing up.

Women click some photos people having sex under a bridge in broad daylight

She took photos of them and uploaded them to the nets, claiming that it was not the first time she had to see this.

Lara, of Bridgwater, Somerset, said: “I was in my living room and I have a large window, a large window. I was hanging my washing on the radiator when I saw them. I was really shocked.

“They were there for ten or fifteen minutes. At first they only stopped under the bridge, since it was raining very hard, to take refuge” she said.

“Then they started kissing and then, after a while, he slipped his hands under her skirt and she into his pants. After that, he lifted her leg and started having sex. ”

“I decided to put the photos online because it’s the third time it’s happening and I don’t want my kids to see it. It’s disgusting. Since I put the photos a lot of people have complained that I’m conservative and that it is normal to have sex outside.”

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“I’ve never experienced that. I would not even think about it. If you’re hot, just go home.”

Tired of this situation that was repeated for the third times, uploaded the photos to the Internet to denounce and discourage couples from occupying that place to have sex.

According to her statements, in addition to finding that it is simply disrespectful and out of place to have relationships there, she worried that her children could see those kinds of acts when they grew older, because for now they are still babies.

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