6 Signs That She Wants Sex (Sex Addicted)

Ellen Hendriksen, a psychologist at Boston University in the US state of Massachusetts created a method to identify people suffering from sex addiction, which, as the name implies, is a condition suffered by sex addicts.

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Yes, sex, as well as heroin, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, addictive – even there are rehabilitation programs to help people suffering from this addiction.

To identify the addicts, the American doctor listed six signs that something is wrong in the sexual experience of the individual. Are they:

1. Lack of control

The sex addict seeks immediate gratification of her sexual desire, ignoring important interests like health, safety and even his life.

2. Compulsion

As with other addictions, the sex addict does not act to feel good but rather to feel less bad – that is, the addict feels bad when you can not have sex. Interestingly, it is said that, to a British prime minister, US President John Kennedy would have confided that he had terrible headaches if he did not have sex at least once every three days (some sources claim he said daily).

3. Dependency

As occurs in the addiction of drugs – licit or illicit – the addict depends on the object of his addiction.

4. Fusion or confusion

The addict begins to associate, even fuse, the sex with other sensations, such as fear, happiness, anxiety, etc., even showing more interest in sex when depressed or anxious.

5. Dysfunction in relationships

By requiring the participation of another person, unlike addictions such as alcohol or illicit drug addiction, it can harm the person’s emotional life, because the addict simply “uses” the sexual partner (s) to satisfy their addiction , Forming dysfunctional relationships. It is one of the most obvious ways of sex addiction a person harm others.

6. Inconsistency

It’s how the American researcher calls the fact of addiction to alienate the person from habits and interests like work, family and friends, damaging the social, professional and effective lives of the individual affected by the addiction.

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