5 Signs That Your Body Needs Sex

Recent research has pointed to important health benefits in the frequent practice of sex. The other side of the coin, of course, is that the lack of an active sex life means being deprived of these benefits.

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Among the consequences for the human body’s lack of sex they can be cited:

1. Difficulty sleeping

Oxytocin (also called oxytocin), released when it comes to sexual enjoyment, helps induce sleep. According to Dr. Arun Ghosh, a specialist at Spire Liverpool Hospital, located in England, sex is better than sleeping pills, having an effect similar to that of the soothing Valium.

2. Irritability

The longer the individual goes without sex, more frustration and repressed aggression accumulate which can lead to spectacular demonstrations of anger ahead or small nervous tics as nail-biting, for example. It is understandable: sexual activity triggers the reward mechanisms of the brain, causing well-being (mainly from the action of opamime and oxytocin) and increasing the resistance of stress. Devoid of sexual experience, the individual does not account for this protection against the psychological effects of stressful situations.

3. Skin losing its beauty

Sexual intercourse increases blood circulation and improves oxygenation of the body, which gives the skin a healthier appearance. After months of no sex, the skin begins to lose its luster and may become dry and wrinkled, adding years to the appearance of the individual.

4. Lack of courage

During a period of long sexual abstinence, for some individuals there seems to be no reason in the world to laugh. The lack of endorphins released during sex can explain the lack of humor and unwillingness to socialize with other people, which, of course, is a problem: after all without socializing with other humans, how to get to have sex? The vicious circle needs to be broken at some point.

5. Hair Loss

Hair loss may be an indication of lack of sex. As seen above, sexual intercourse stimulates blood circulation, which is responsible for the distribution of nutrients to the various parts of the body. If the hair starts to fall, it may be a sign that his nutrition is suffering from lack of sex and stimulation for circulation.

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