Kim Kardashian Twerking Big Phat Butts @Kimoji

Since the robbery in Paris Kim Kardashian did not grant the social media. Since then, only one entry appeared on Instagram star, who after a few moments was removed.

kim kardashian boobs butts

Before Christmas star returned to the social networking site, but with a completely new account! At Instagram appeared @Kimoji profile, which refers to the online store with gadgets and accessories Kim Kardashian. Fans, however, surprised the first pictures and videos posted on the new account by Kim Kardashian , which show close twerking ass!

Kim Kardashian shows off Twerking skill on Kimoji account

Is it really Kim Kardashian decided to come back in style so weak? Or maybe a new account Kim Kardashian is just a fake? Everything we learn most likely on December 16 – just because this date was in the description of posts on the profile Kimoji .

And do you think this twerking butts is actually Kim’s ass?

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