Jessica Alba Sex Tape Leaked On Facebook Contains Hacking Tools

Because beyond the obvious reason that it encourages hackers to invade the privacy of people, famous or not, by clicking on the links that claim will redirect you to the website you will see pictures of the “sex tape” of Jessica Alba.

If you do, what happens in reality is that you start a download of malicious software on your computer or on your mobile, according to the Daily Star newspaper.

Virus Alert: Hacker leaked fake Jessica Alba Sex Tape On Facebook

Commonly, “will stick virus.”

Why is obviously still an online scam that lures Facebook users with the promise that they will watch Jessica Alba sex tape, but essentially the malware gains control of your web browsers – notably Google Chrome – and fills you with ads for fake lotteries and spam sites with nudity.

Finally, according to a team of researchers, who are investigating fraud that has spread to all social media, hackers will additionally gain access to your account on Facebook!

This latter must be in itself sufficient to keep you away, huh?

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