Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Her Trick To Shoot Sex Scenes

The boldest Hollywood actress is in full promotion of her latest film Passengers , which opens on December 30. A film in which Jennifer Lawrence has been ‘released’ with the sex scenes and whose way of addressing them is priceless: “I drank a bottle of whiskey.”

jennifer lawrence sex scene

Secret behind the Jennifer Lawrence Sex Scenes

This is only the latest in a long list of controversial and funny statements that the actress has been ‘making’ over the past few years and have made her one of the most crazy characters in the industry. We show its amazing 10 confessions.

1. “I peed in some basins. When two girls come into a bathroom, someone has to stay with the sink. I like to use the sink. You can wait, but if the person waiting for me, I do it in the sink.

2. “The first time I’ve done a sex scene has been Passengers with Chris Patt. I started to get more and more nervous as the time approached and eventually opened a bottle of whiskey. I’m sure I crawled out Of the studio dragging the whiskey bottle in his hand. ”

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3. We were filming in Hawaii and had a sacred rocks. They were supposed to, you know, who know Are ancestors? You’re supposed to not sit on them because your genitals should not come into contact with rocks. However, during I was wearing a neoprene suit all day, and, my God, those rocks were great for scratching my ass!

4. In London, there are still sexually transmitted diseases but are also good sausages.

5. I saw my brother smoking a joint before the Oscars, I was very nervous and I tried his pipe, now I do not know where the prize is, I think he may be in Kentucky. I do not have it.People ‘fox’ exists, thank God. Lesbians are real, empowered lesbians are real. How can that be offensive? Why can not empowered lesbians be sluts?

Jennifer Lawrence shares experience of sex scene in movie

7. My scent is probably most representative red wine. I out through the pores, I smell like a Cabernet.

8. I decided to go to one of those parties where only invite important people, it’s organized Madonna, and ended up I throwing up at the entrance I turned around while throwing up and behind me was Miley Cyrus saying to me.” Try to Calm down!

9. Someone spent a joke on me and gave me many dildos of all kinds of colors and shapes. I was in a hotel and knew that the cleaners would come to pick up my room so I hid under the bed. When I returned, They were all perfectly placed on my dresser.

10. I’m the fattest person in Hollywood. I do not feel I have a normal body. As, but do a lot more exercise than a normal person. I think we have become so accustomed to people who are low weight, when We see someone with a normal weight, we say: ‘My God, look at those curves’.

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