Confessions : Santa Claus Is My Sexual Fetish

In this world there are many preferences and fetishes as there are people, pore so it is not surprising that there are those who have a sexual fixation with the chubby Nature that gladden the Christmas: Santa Claus .

Santa Claus Sexual Fetish

Santa Fetish, as it is known, is nothing less than sexual interest in Santa Claus, and manifests itself in both women and men who find pleasure in having sex with people disguised as the Christmas character.

So far not much theory about it , but a quick search on internet with keywords like “Santa Claus sexy” gives results in hundreds of pages and videos dedicated to this fetish, although it seems to be nothing new, it is quite taboo .

A Santa Claus is asocial more tenderly, joy and dreams of childhood, and just why those who see it with less innocent intentions do not say so openly. However we have been given the task of compiling some anecdotes from real ‘Santa Fetish’. Of course, their names have been changed to protect their identity.

Maribel, 25-year-old

“No one knows that Santa is my sexual fetish, and I want to keep it that way. Once I was eating and drinking beer with some friends in a mall. We all got a few drunk and jokingly went to take the classic picture with Santa Claus and, you know, tell him what we wanted for Christmas. It was weird, I did not think I would feel this way.

I remember playing with his beard and I realized he was a real person. Obvious I already knew! But it was like seeing it different … I do not know, weird. He started to shake a little, I think because he realized that I was too excited. Then he innocently asked me, ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ And then it all got weirder, because I whispered his ear in my sexiest voice: ‘You, Mr Claus, I want you.’ My friends thought it was a joke and they died laughing, but then I bought a costume for my boyfriend and gave me my ‘Merry Christmas’ … many times. ”

Fernanda, 27-year-old

“The question is, why do not people want to throw themselves at Santa? The guy lives to give away gifts and for me the best gift is to roll his eyes thanks to a good orgasm. Yes, I confess, I like much older men, in fact in the pages and apps to flirt I look for men who look like Santa Claus, I do not know, they have something, do not they?

I’m not interested in kids, I like big, fat men, with hair on my chest, and a beard! And if they accept the suit and the hat, the better. They almost always accept, haha! I like to slowly remove the sack, leave the white shirt and suspenders, and feel when they start to moan to the rhythm of ‘Ho, Ho, Ho!’. I know it’s weird, so I only do it with strangers or casual waves. ”

Erik, 28-year-old

“I love Christmas! Gifts, food, parties … and Santa Claus. For me, Santa has always been an adorable ‘bear’, a kind of father figure with red cheeks and beard. And that excites me. My partner and I sometimes play role-playing games, first I proposed it and he accepted it. We have the suit, wig, fake beard, gift sack and even the round lenses.

We like to do like he just came in through the fireplace and I am always the child who misbehaved and he knows how to punish me. Let’s just say, without going into details, that includes a lot of spanking. And to thank the gifts … let’s say that milk and candy is not enough, haha! “.

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