One Finger Selfie Challenge: The New Nude Challenge Goes Viral

Internet love bizarre challenges and the latest probably deserves the prize. The One Finger selfie Challenge is actually to take naked selfie by hiding her private parts with one finger, through a mirror and, above all, the magic of perspective. If you want to get, it will be best to carefully calculate your shot.

one finger selfie challenge

The challenges have become commonplace on the internet and it is now happening not a week without a new challenge not landed on social networks.

The One Finger selfie Challenge is the latest and it is much written since the beginning of the week.

The One Finger selfie Challenge, a history of finger and perspective

This has indeed surprising because it is much more mischievous than the Challenge Model or the Ice Bucket Challenge.

As explained a little earlier, the idea is to take naked pictures in the mirror disguising her sex and her chest with one finger. To do so, participants simply have to rely on a sense of perspective and focus on the camera angle and the distance separating their finger.

According to the survey conducted by some Daviso Aimee, the new challenge would come straight from Japan and specifically this drawing . Falling over, several teenage girls have attempted the coup at home and shared photos in the wake of their social profiles.

A challenge that not unanimous

By snowball effect, the phenomenon would be quickly amplified before reaching Europe. Contrary to popular belief, it does not otherwise limit for young women and many men also attempted the coup, by making some adjustments and bartering the famous finger in favor of a closed fist to hide more effectively attributes.

So of course, this challenge is much criticized on social networks and many people point the finger and the excesses that may involve such a challenge.

Most of the participant (s) posed in face and effect discovered and are therefore easily identifiable. Worse, in the lot, we also find many teens who are not necessarily aware of the fact that internet published content will never really disappear.

This is also a recurring problem that is unfortunately often finds with the new generations. Our children and adolescents have good control most current digital tools, they are not always able to understand their real significance nor the implications thereof.

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