Married Female Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With 3 Students

Nicole Aymond, 45, a physical education teacher, was arrested accused of having sex with three teenagers and then send nude for them. The information is the DailyMail site.

teacher nicole aymond sex scandal

The teacher of a school in Port Barre, Louisiana, was teaching basketball. She confessed to having done sex with two of the three boys, one 17 and the other 18-year-old. With the third the teacher said they were only kissing and making out.

With its seductive and gentle way, she led teens to have sex, the case took place in the southern city Deon Boudreaux, the United States, but reverberated around the world.

Teacher Nicole Aymond allegedly send nude photo and having sex with students

The mother of one of the young people found it strange son not tear the cell and also the relationship of the physical education teacher with the boys and decided to speak to her husband. Andy’s husband is a teacher in the same school. He said he never suspected the worker, but after discovering the truth had to report the teacher at the station.

In the United States there are approximately 300 teachers accused of sexual harassment. Each state sets the age for sexual consent. In the state of Louisiana is 17 years. The American state also has laws prohibiting relationships between students and teachers.

The woman, who is married , eventually confessing Crime , said it happened because I was too needy.

“She admitted that yes had relations with young people,” said Police Chief Deon Boudreaux. Now the teacher is facing three counts of sexual misconduct, which is prohibited for an educator.

The director of choice, Landry said is helping the police in investigations and that prioritizes “student welfare”.

Locals were shocked because the woman had a husband. “Instead of helping to teach good thing she’s showing them things wrong,” said a neighbor Nicole

One of the teens said the teacher seduced him with much intelligence.

The council school of ethics, which is Catholic, refused to comment on the incident.

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