Kylie Jenner Strips Naked Body Paint Blue For Unreleased Project (Hot Or Not)

There is no limit of nudity. With over 78 million followers, the account Instagram of Kylie Jenner remains one of the most watched in the world. The sister of the famous Kim Kardashian, at just 19-year-old hit the “VIP” the most followed on social media. This photo, posted on Instagram, has been seen millions of times and has collected 1.4 million “likes” on the social media.

Kylie company has built this empire to the sound of selfies, more or nude.

kylie jenner naked body painting

Just to be clear, on the occasion of Halloween, the winking Kylie was disguised as Christina Aguilera in the version with trousers with her butts display, like in the good times of Dirty.

Kylie Jenner goes nude for body painting blue for upcoming project

Revival of the early ’00s aside, a few hours ago the showgirl has done better, sharing with her fans a photo is part of an unspecified “” secret project. The picture shows Kylie like Mom made it, covered only by a thin layer of bright blue paint.

In short, the picture has become a favorite of Instagram, by virtue of its 1.3 million Thumb.

The photo was taken by photographer Sasha Samsonova, a young professional lens cha is depopulated with its portraits of young talent: only 25 years, from its headquarters in Los Angeles, his photos really leave a mark.

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