Amber Heard Sued $10M Cause Of Delete Sex Scenes In Movies

Amber Heard again must deal with the law. This time it’s not a matter divorce affair with Johnny Depp. Actress 31-year-old it became a defendant in the case of a movie.

amber heard sexy lingerie

Citing Digital Spy , Heard allegedly remove the sex scenes from the film adaptation of the work of Martin Amis, entitled London Fields. Over the deed, he sued on the grounds “does not comply with duties in accordance with the contract.” Lawsuit the 24-page has been posted to the Los Angeles Superior Court by the film is concerned.

Amber Heard Sued Filmmaker $10M

Heard accused of conspiring with the film’s director, Matthew Cullen. They revise the film already edited final. They eliminate some explicit sex¬†scenes and nudity showing vulgar.

Documents submitted to the court reads, “While the tension between the artist and the director (on one hand) and the producer (on the other) is not new in Hollywood, actions that are not approved and not according to the law do Heard, Cullen, and others-who most should be noted they campaigned damaging the plaintiff, movies, and investors-perhaps unprecedented. ”

the results of their actions that do not comply with the rules and continuing to the present, according to the producer,” making movies forgotten, plowed, and placed in a location that is disguised or hidden by Heard, Cullen, and others. ”

Producer delete Amber Heard’s nude sex scene in movie

Heard had his own reasons for removing or eliminating the scene. According to him, as was stated in the lawsuit, he never agreed in the contract with regard to the use of nudity in the movie.

“Heard also falsely claimed that he did not give Nicola Six [film production] the right to produce and process the acting in the movie , “read more.

“As a result of the refusal Heard to comply with its obligations under the contract-including the refusal is not eligible for acting in a scene provocative as there is in the initial scenario-key scenes from scenario it should be deleted or rewritten to accommodate the behavior Heard,” a statement it was also written in the complaint document.

Heard itself plays a key character in the movie. She became Nicola Six, the main character whose name is the same as the production house. The character has a sign on her own death in the mystery thriller.

In addition to Heard, the film also stars Billy Bob Thornton, Jim Sturgess, and Jaimie Alexander. Former husband Heard, Depp will also appear as a cameo. Similarly, the model Cara Delevingne, a figure which was later caught on camera kissing Heard.

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