5 Benefits Of Oral Sex For Women

Few women dare to render its opinion on the satisfaction they feel when giving or receiving oral sex. Moreover, I wonder: would you be willing to do?

hot dirty oral sex

Relax, you’re not the first nor the only one. Let’s most happening to us! It’s amazing that even in these times and oral caresses be taboo.

However, the benefits of this practice are unimaginable. We tell you what they are and yet we invite you to check that you do not lie.

1. Improves mood

It is caused by contact with semen, which is responsible for granting these benefits for its rich content of serotonin, a hormone of humor; thyrotropin stimulating maintaining well-functioning thyroid and melatonin, able to regulate sleep and the immune system.

2. Greater happiness

Learn for a minute to think about the differences between sex with and without oral sex. Quite a few, right? For an investigation of the University of New York he supports this hypothesis after conducting an investigation that found that women who strive to satisfy their men are orally happier.

3. Improves skin appearance

On one hand, the skin is hydrated better because it improves water secretion through orgasm and, on the other, blood circulation is stimulated; that is, the appearance of cellulite hated or orange peel is prevented.

4. Less stress

Women who have regular sex without a condom are less likely to suffer from depression, reveals in place. Of course, if you do not want to put a condom, you must be sure your child has no sexually transmitted disease.

5. Orgasms quality

The importance of this research is to have in mind that contact with semen is essential because it is the direct bearer of all these benefits, not if you use condoms. On the other hand, when you get your guy oral caresses you reach orgasms more intense and fast.

If instead you want to enjoy those moments of pleasure, delays the process with small “rest”. For him it will be an erotic moment and be satisfied of duty.

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