Rose McGowan Reveals She Was Raped By Hollywood Executive

Actress Rose McGowan, who rose to fame in the 90s to participate in the series “Charmed” and movie like “Panic”.

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She recently used her Twitter to campaign against Donald Trump, the US presidential Republican candidate, who has recently been accused of sexual abuse, and revealed that she was raped by a senior executive of Hollywood.

Rose McGowan was raped by Hollywood Executive

With the hashtag #whywomendontreport time (Why women don’t report), Rose said the violence would have occurred during the closing of the distribution contract of one of her long, but neither mentioned the name of the movie or the man who raped her.

“Because my ex sold our film to my rapist distribute #whywomendontreport” she wrote.

“A criminal lawyer said that because I have done a sex scene in the movie, I never win the case against the studio head,” she said implying that this was why she had never spoken about it before or entered in justice.

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