6 Nollywood Stars Reveals What They Will Do If Their Partner Refuse Sex

Rejection is hurts. Whenever a lover or partner withholds sex, it’s a particular kind of rejection that can affect a person’s self-esteem and believed process. People can have many valid reasons for not wanting to have sex. But if you find yourself in that scenario where your spouse refuses to share that actual physical intimacy together with you, what would you are doing? We sought the sights of some celebs and listed here are their responses;

6 Nigerian celebrities reveals what they’ll do if their partner denies sex

Cossy Orjiakor  – will use her sex toys

actress Cossy Orjiakor huge boobs

If my partner or spouse denies to have sex with me, I’ll make do with my sex toys.

Mimi Orjiekwe  – will wait till her partner ready

busty Mimi Orjiekwe huge boobs

I’ll wait till he’s ready for it. He or she is my marriage and hubby comes with the amount of problems. An ordinary guy together with his feelings is aware that sex is vital and essential in relationship. For the way lengthy can he reject his husband or wife of sexual activity? For me personally, I’ll only wait till he’s ready.

Apart from, he might be dealing with anxiety or some depressive times which could probably be the supply of his action or routines. But in this type of circumstance for a prolonged time, I’m heading to get in contact with him to accumulate as much as I’ll, additionally he will expose me with however an additional gentleman. Time!

Ruth Eze – will seduce her man with more sexy dress and pray

Ruth Eze hot cleavage

I’ll pray about it and also wear more sexy dress to seduce him. Appearance is also a very importance thing between both of women and men. But in most of the cases, lack of his desire may have nothing to do with him. I’m not beautiful or not much sexy enough for him to make him to enjoy sex. Cause of that I have to pray about it.

Lurrenz Onuzulike – Will try to convince her

I’ve been lucky by no means ever to stay this situation, nevertheless, if it really happens, I will not have choice instead of concentrate on persuading her to rethink her option, just because other options generally are not well-liked with me.

For example, I don’t patronize prostitutes and that I can’t stand the vision of sex toys for males. So, my option is constrained. We have to try to get back her love.

Blessing Patrick – It’ll never happen

blessing patrick hot and sexy

It’s never happen because I worth all what’s make him always demand for sex. But even if it does, I’ll face God for intervention, because there is nothing that God can’t do. Besides, it was God’s approval what I asking before getting married to my husband.

Dimplez – Will get it from outside

singer Dimplez marks sexy lingerie

It definitely signifies he’s obtaining it from another person basically if I demand sex again and again once much more and that he continue to denies me. I’ll get it outside if this requires place that I’m extremely horny and want it. All of it depends upon the particular situation of things although.

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