Sexy Snapshot Liz Hurley Shows Naked Bathtub Selfie

Liz Hurley relaxes naked in the bathtub in a hotel on the Maldives – and lets her fans participate in Instagram. And the network community is great!

Liz Hurley naked bathtub

The star sits in the hot water and radiates from the sheep’s eye out into the camera. Some candles provide the right mood for the actress to turn off.

With their fans, however, this hot picture is more likely to snap.

Elizabeth Hurley: Timelessly hot

Some may wonder why the dream woman of the 1990s simply does not seem to age. Whether Liz Hurley has found a fountain, she retains her wisdom. But at 51, she still puts some young jumpers in her pocket, she is proud to show.

Especially in recent times the beauty Instagram likes to paint with pictures, which leave the imagination little scope.

This is mainly due to the fact that she promotes her bikini line “Elizabeth Hurley beach” herself – and who would be better suited to the beauty, thanks to Gianni Versace’s safety needle dress with her hot body already 1994 on the side Hugh Grants worldwide attention Excited Since then, she has hardly changed.

In a bikini or a bathing suit, she presents her tight curves, while her long hair usually falls wildly over her shoulders. Whether she relaxes a sunbath, laughs from the floods or simply gives her fans contagious rays, she is always beautiful.

Hopefully she will continue to do so for a long time!

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