Filmed Having Sex In The Tunnel Next To Baby

A couple was filmed having sex on one side of a baby to, in a tunnel beneath which passes the electrical Manchester, UK.

sex under tram arches

The images, published on social networks, are shocking the residents of the Castlefield area, where the couple was.

Witnesses told the Manchester Evening News that the baby was awake and crying but the couple never interrupted the act to treat the child.

Couple filmed having sex under tram arches

Several people have shouted at them to stop and have said they were going to call the police, but the warnings have not achieved any effect.

A resident ended up filming the act and then make formal complaint to the police. After having sex, the couple smoked a cigarette and left the place.

“It’s a disgusting behavior. The fact that they are doing it in public, in a place where they spend thousands of people every day, it’s bad, the more a few meters of a child who was to care of them.

And clearly were not concerned with the baby’s fitness.

I thought it had to be denounced and publicly embarrassed couple and held accountable for their actions. so I spoke to the authorities, ” said the man who shot the video.

The Manchester Police is already investigating the case, having to have identified the couple who was shot.

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