Chika Ike Flaunts Sexy Curves In Figure-Hugging Dress

Nollywood actress Chika Ike shares her stunning photos on Instagram. Actress cum filmmaker don’t forget to treat her fans on social media.

chika ike sexy curves

Chika Ike shows off her sexy curves in blue figure-hugging dress with straight hairstyle.

According to her, the marriage broken actress fasting of sex more than 5 months. She said “5 months and still continue, I lying on bed all day long hugging my pillow.”

Chika Ike shares her stunning and sexy figure photo

The actress also given her opinion about feminism and reveals her thought.

I think that ladies are potent. I actually believe that women can carry out regardless of what a man can carry out. Nevertheless, I also believe that a feminine should to become submissive when she really is wedded because I believe the biblical phrase becoming a partner.

Some people misunderstand feminism with turning into an extremely good woman. I actually think that ladies should be offered exactly the same chances as men.

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