A Married Teacher Had Sex With Two Students InClassroom

A married teacher have had sex with two students in classroom in the same day. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, June Kendall is accused of seducing two students, both 17, sending her explicit images through Snapchat.

June Kendall teacher having sex with two student in classroom

The photos showed the woman of 29-year-old in various states of undress, according to the indictment. The messages touched the sexual theme frequently, until Kendall told one of the guys who wanted to have sex with her.

June Kendall having sex with two minor student in classroom

According to the report, both had sex during school hours in a classroom next to Kendall classroom in September.

Then, on October 3, they returned to have another meeting in the same place after exchanging messages.

A witness saw them leaving the classroom Kendall after being alone between 20 and 25 minutes, according to the indictment. Then, when the school day ended, the science teacher had sex with a second guy in the room, who told a friend later.

The next day, the witness who saw Kendall leave the class with the first teenager told a police officer from high school and called police.

Officers investigating the first meeting when they learned that there was another young man involved.

Kendall is on administrative leave after being charged with two counts of sexual assault students.
“Her husband and her father are standing beside her,” said her attorney Robert Kerr.

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